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Minneapolis - U of M - Cedar-Riverside area info.

Coffeehouse Extempore History:
Link to University of Minnesota Libraries

New Riverside Cafe History:
Many workers and other affiliates of the Extemp were also involved with the Riv; likewise, many performers who graced the stage(s) of the Coffeehouse Extempore also performed at the New Riverside Cafe.
Link to Minnesota Historical Society

Where the Extemp was located
(see second paragraph below -- map and notes).

August 1, 2007 - 35W bridge collapse, Minneapolis, MN:
The collapse of the 35W bridge this evening wipes out yet another important part of the old Coffeehouse Extempore scene. Along with the Washington Avenue Bridge and the 10th Avenue Bridge (also known as the 19th Avenue Bridge and/or the Cedar Avenue Bridge -- not to be confused with the Cedar Avenue Bridge which crosses the Minnesota River), the 35W bridge was vital to the West Bank of Minneapolis.

Select to see original lower structurals of the bridge, a shot of the collapse, and a map showing the area. On the map, note where 35W crosses the river; then scan down for Cedar Avenue S. The Coffeehouse Extempore was located at 325 Cedar Avenue, just a few doors north from the intersection of Cedar and Riverside, on the east side of Cedar (indicated by red star). The Coffeehouse I believe was the third door north from Riverside. The first building on the corner of Cedar and Riverside (just south of the Extemp) was the now-closed New Riverside Cafe. Between the two was a flower shop owned by Mark Klein, an Extemp regular, and sometime performer.

For Windows users, here is a short
Minnesota Department of Transportation video of the collapse scene:

MN DOT Video file
6:05 p.m., Aug. 1, 2007, shows an edited two-minute clip from a traffic camera at the south end of the bridge. Initially, the camera is pointed to the south away from the bridge. When traffic comes to a stop, the camera pans to the north where the bridge has just collapsed. It also appears that the final black and white view is from the north near University Avenue, looking south over the collapse site.(wmv / wv file)
More 35W Bridge information from the State of Minnesota


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