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In memory of
The Extemp, and all who have so far passed with it, including but not limited to the following:
Steve Alarik
Hy Berman
Sean Blackburn

Dean Carr
Harlan Christianson
Mikki (Desmond) Duffy
Al Haug
Gail Heil
Bill Hinkley
Jane Kopiska
Harold Kahm
Utah Phillips

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Links to
Performers & friends:
(Alphabetical by last name)

(not updated)

Scott Alarik

John Ashton

Stevie Beck

Rod Bellville

Bob Bovee and
Gail Heil

Jeff Cahill

Mike Cass

Celtic Harp Music
(Anne Roos)

Dale Dahlquist
et al
@ West Bank

School of Music

Pat Donohue

Bob Douglas

Mary Dushane

Fat Chance Jug Band

Paul Geremia

Adam Granger

Cal Hand

Larry Havluck

Phil Heywood

Bill Hinkley
and Judy Larson

Dakota Dave Hull

Michael Johnson

Prudence Johnson

Garrison Keillor

Lonnie Knight

Spider John Koerner

Papa John Kolstad

Leo Kottke

Kari Larson

Tom Lieberman

Maureen McElderry

Magical Mystical
(comedy magician)

Dean Magraw

Charlie Maguire

Jan Marra

Liz Masterson

Paul Metsa

Middle Spunk
(Al Jesperson,Jim Tordoff,Chuck Kreitzer,Bruce Jaeger,Mark Kreitzer)

Sherry Minnick

Harry & Sharon Muir

Dan Newton

Peter Ostroushko

Eric Peltoniemi

Jay Peterson

Utah Phillips

Jerry Rau

Sparky and Rhonda

Karl Smelkey

Bill Smith

Bill Staines

Tim Sparks

Becky Reimer Thompson

Butch Thompson

Su Tyni

Pop Wagner

Brian Wicklund

Robin & Linda

Barb With


 Steve Alarik photo at Sister Kenney InstituteMore on Steve Alarik

Sean Blackburn memorial website

Sean Blackburn ... music lives on ...






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